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Rescue Bomb Cream

With the change in season, the air turns drier and so does our skin, which leads to redness and peeling. Many different conditions can cause your skin to be red or irritated, such as sunburn, allergic reaction and eczema. Skin redness can be a temporary, acute or even chronic condition. Sometimes, it might also be accompanied by other symptoms (e.g. rash, itchy and sores). This condition can be irritating and uncomfortable.

Our “Rescue Bomb Cream” can help in relieving skin discomfort and enhancing skin restorability. The gromwell root extract in the cream is a traditional herbal medicine that offers multiple benefits to the skin by inhibiting glycation and suppressing inflammations.

Our product is gentle and suitable for adults and children with dry, sensitive, irritated skin prone to eczema. One may apply it as needed to calm inflammation and fade any signs of irritation immediately.

To understand more about  gromwell root, please see the following research: