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Ophiopogonis Radix

Ophiopogonis Radix (Maidong in Chinese) is the root of a lily family plant named ophiopogon japonicus. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to nourish the yin, moisten the lung, and ease the mind.

In fact, this herb is not limited to internal use only. It can also be found in skin care products such as serum, essence, and cream. It is rich in saccharides known to hydrate the skin. By boosting the skin’s moisture retaining ability and bringing a more refined structure, it prevents the skin from excess water loss. 

Therefore, during autumn and winter, it is undoubtedly a saviour for those who are suffering from eczema and dry skin type. By applying it on your skin, you can notably experience its nourishing and anti-irritation effect.

From the following link, you may find more research information about the benefits of Ophiopogonis Radix on skin: